Legends of the Micmacs

By The Rev. Silas Tertius Rand
Wellesley Philological Publications
Longmans, Green and Co.

"The following Micmac Legends were collected by the Rev. Silas T. Rand, who was for
forty years a missionary among the Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia. The stories were
related to him in Micmac, by the native Indians, and then translated and written down
by him in English; the translations only have been preserved, in no case the narration
in the original language."
- From the Preface, Legends of the Micmacs, 1894

"The ability and zeal of Dr. Rand have saved from oblivion the rich material of a whole language and literature."
- From the Preface, Legends of the Micmacs, 1894

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Preface to the Legends - 262 KB PDF
Biography of Silas T. Rand - 452 KB PDF
Glooscap and the Megumoowesoo - 442 KB PDF


Rand Memorial in Hantsport Cemetery
Portrait of Silas Rand from Legends of the Micmacs
Title page from Legends of the Micmacs
Cover of English and Latin Hymns
Title page of English and Latin Hymns  
Correspondence by Rand to The Christian Messenger 

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he Nova Scotia Museum's Mi'kmaq Portraits database collection of portraits and illustrations in various media.
Silas Rand and two Mi'kmaq boys

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We Were Not the Savages is a history of the Mi'kmaq, an ancient democratic Native North American Nation, from a Mi'kmaq perspective. It relates and details the genocidal efforts used by the British colonial officials, including scalp bounties, starvation and germ warfare, to subjugate them. The adversity that the Mi'kmaq People faced at times was so extreme that it seems almost impossible to comprehend how they overcame it. That they survived the best efforts of the colonizers to exterminate them, and then, from 1867 to the mid-twentieth century, a malnutrition existence under Canada's rule, is a testament to their tenacious courage and faith in the Great Spirit.

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