My doggie mom is Shunka and WSCC/WGSDCI Ch. Reeves Royal Angus Von Tasz, CDX, TT, HC, CGC, OFA H/E (owned by Jean Reeves) is my doggie-dad. How do you like that handle? Someday I may have a handle like dads. I am very proud of both my doggie parents, especially dad because he's so smart and has won so many dog shows.

I have two sisters and four brothers. They come to visit once a year for a party. We have a lot of fun running and playing. Sometimes I have to remind them though I am the boss.

I am a good girl! Although mom and dad may say otherwise. Read the story  I wrote for the White Ghost. I enjoy playing ball, going for walks, stealing Shunka's squeaky toy, and chasing the cat. I attend novice training classes, which I hate, but do rather well in. Mom says she is going to let me go to fly ball with Shunka when I get a little older and have had my hips checked. I like going to the vet, he is very kind and gentle with me. .

I hate the vacuum cleaner, despise getting my nails clipped, and would love to catch those annoying crows that fly over my head

Mom had me in a dog show when I was five months old. I don't understand what all the excitement and hoopla is all about with these shows. Mom was really happy with me though. I won four first place ribbons! and I got extra treats when we got home. Maybe someday I'll be as good as my dad!