I was born at Mountain Daybreaks Kennels in Beavers Dam, NY on Sept. 4th, 1994. My registered name is Daybreak's Shunka Danji. Danji is my grandmothers name and Shunka is American Sioux Indian for "white dog."

I was a good puppy, so mom says. I was house broken by 10 weeks, and never really got into much trouble. I do have a few pet peeves though. There are these annoying two wheel monsters all over the road. Little and big humans drive them. I would love to get out and catch those two wheeled monsters. Mom and dad gets mad at me for barking at them. I don't know why though because I am only protecting my family from those monsters. I also hate thunder!

I am gentle, kind, and a real charmer! I love everyone, especially little humans. I will let their little hands pet me for hours. I enjoy playing ball, going for walks, chewing on my squeaky toy, and getting cookies. I participate in fly ball, which I have just started and doing quite well at if I do say so myself. Mom also takes me to fun & games and doggie fairs.