Shaely - 4 months

Lawrencetown, NS, Canada

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Hello and Welcome to our White Shepherd home page
Donnie and I would like to share with you our experiences with the beautiful and intelligent White Shepherd. We choose the name BraeStar because "Brae" is Gaelic for by-the-sea, which is where we live, and "Star" after our first White Shepherd.  We not only breed White German Shepherds but are fully committed to White German Shepherd rescue work.  Surf around and have fun!

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We would like to dedicate this site to our first White Shepherd, "Star."


Tribute To "Star"

Star (1980-1993)
Star Star was our first White Shepherd. We had no idea when we answered an advertisement in the local newspaper, in the fall of 1980, we would fall in love with this breed and become utterly devoted to them. This web site is dedicated to our beloved Star. .......MORE

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About Our Dogs:

"WOOF" that's hi in doggie language. 
My name is Shunka and this is my story: .....MORE
Shaely - Greenfield Mass. Show
I am Shaely. I was born Feb. 7th, 1997. My registered name is Dunvagen's Princess Shaelene. I was named after moms favorite figure skaters Shae-lynn Bourne and Victor Kratz. I am glad she chose Shaelene because I don't think I'd like to be called Victor - that's a boys name. .....MORE

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About The Humans:

This is our mistress, Trudy.
We call her mom! 
Mom is currently going to human school and working full time. She is good to us! She feeds us, walks us, plays with us, and really really loves us.
.....MORE on mom
This is our master, Donnie.Donnie
We call him dad!
Dad is an Electrician and works in the Petroleum Industry. Dad is great! We don't have to worry about cleaning up after ourselves because he does it for us. It is really nice to have a clean yard to play in.
....MORE on dad
Mom and dad are great! They take us to all kinds of things - fly ball, agility, fun & games, doggie fun days, dog shows, and although we feel we don't need it, training classes. They are active in many doggie activities and are members of The White Shepherd Club of Canada. We know mom and dad love us as much as we love them. They love people too! Drop them a line and find out for yourselves how devoted they are to us and our kind.
If you love your dog, and would like them active and happy, why not try some doggie sports such as:

fly ball

agilityAgility Course

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