To Day

The Grandmothers have come together once again on October 11th  ’07  We are very fortunate to have a new meeting place.

Sobeys in the New Minas Mall, along with all their new renovations, added a new community room aptly named ‘Orchards and Tides Place’ and has opened the doors to non-profit groups who wish to use it.

Our first meeting at Orchards and Tides Place was held on the 19th of Oct. in the new room and it was such a pleasure to be there.  We will meet there every Friday afternoon at 1P.M.- 4 P.M. 

New members to the Grandparents International Storytellers Circle are welcome. Drop in for a visit at Orchards and Tides Place, Sobeys in New Minas.  But you must be a Grandparent!  We have limited space.

Tara is in charge of bookings. 

She is a wonderful person and very helpful. 

Thank you Tara and thank you Sobeys!

April 08, 2008