Our Pathway of Life


Psalm  102:18

The cover photo was taken by Kathleen Sharp grandmother, on a group outing to Middelton Nova Scotia.

This book is our second undertaking at writing our story and it is due to the success of our first book, “Stories That Bind Us Together” that give the Grandmothers the courage to put in words “Our Pathway of Life.”.

This Book is a compilation of many wonderful stories written by several Grandmothers, with the exception of one, (who is not a grandmother) who have experienced first hand God’s intervention.  As a result, we believe we owe it to our families; our children, our grandchildren and our friends, to pass on to them how God is indeed an important part of each ones life.  In addition, how God through-out the years, has helped each of us to overcome our struggles and therefore fulfill His purposes, as we journey forward in this lifetime.

We also understand that what we have written on the following pages will be our witness to God.  We hope that through our own experiences we will continue to speak to all who choose to read Book 2, “Our Pathway of Life”, long after we Grandmothers are in Heaven. 

We understand fully, how important it is to be aware of how we view our own lives as we age.  For it can provide us with important insights into how other individuals view the aging process as well.  This insight into our own daily experiences can open the way for others to appreciate the “ordinary wisdom” that every day life has to offer each one of us.

 Our story is who we are, in a sense it is all we have.

 Carol Boudreau

Proceeds from all copies sold will go directly to Kings County Literacy Association, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Excerpts:  From Our Pathway of Life