“During World War 2, we had been hiding a little Jewish girl Greta and a young man Pete, who was living with us during the resistance.  Greta could not stay with us until the end of the war, because we had a surprise attack a day in February 1943…                                  

Johanna Hogeboom

The upper floor of our school was the community hall. It was a large room with a stage, piano, kitchen and a double room at the back.  The walls and ceilings were a light green metal with brown trim.  It was there that church services, Sunday school, bridal showers, concerts, youth parties, special events and later card parties were held. In the fall of the year, two pie sales…”

 Kathleen Sharp

“It was sometime later July 1952, our family immigrated to Canada, settling in Montreal.  We lived in a mostly French speaking area.  With both our parents working, my sister and I were lonely and homesick that July and August. With September and school starting, things became more bearable.  I met girls who became good friends. One was Lydia…” 

Jean Paish

“I was very frightened as I lay on the ground, really on top of the grave of the person whose stone I had pulled over.  The sky turned very black, weirdly the lightening played across the heavens.  I lay there and thought of all the ghost and scary stories I had heard, listening to older children.  I thought…”    

 Margot Bishop

“Us five sisters weathered many a storm together, being not to far from one another in the last seventy or so years, and remembering the fun times in our lives helps.  As we get together, we share our stories with each other, accepting and loving no matter what.  It is a time I always look forward to and find most relaxing, in spite of all the food we eat…”

Anna Bennett

" I decided that he could call me by my first name, since it was impossible for him to pronounce my last One. It was like de javu for me, when he started calling me "Mor."  Early in the school year I was working with him on words beginning with the letter N."

Merle Pettipas