“ I remember our first Anniversary. We were living with Gerald’s Mom and Dad.  Gerald decided he wanted to go out with the guys trick or treating, so being as thoughtful of me as he was, he left me home with his parents and went out to have a good time…”                            

 Ida Kane


 “Often starving people from the city came to the farms in the area, in search of food for themselves or their families. They would be walking or on bikes with no rubber tires, just some wood or something around the rim …”

 Leny Miedema


 “On the third day, Mother got one days work and on the way home bought a tin of Carnation milk, a loaf of bread and ten cents worth of sugar, so she could make bread pap …”  

Mary Morine


 “Vans from fire Departments from Windsor to Middleton provided transportation to the people to shop or sight see.  Some stores gave discounts.  The hospital provided medication and doctors were available. The phone co. installed phones so passengers could call loved ones …”

 Mary Kemp


“We lived on Marie’s cookies for seven days.  They helped us sometimes to get in the open air, in chairs with blankets.  One day and night the boat stayed still because of a storm and people stayed mostly in their rooms.  The last days…

Tina Smit