Excerpts From: Time to Reminisce

“I believe at that moment time stood still for me.  Slowly I looked around; I remember thinking ‘Where did that come from?’ And then to my complete surprise,  (I’m certain) every head in the store turned toward me and with astonished looks on their faces, that soon turned into a great deal of laughter they … “   

                                                                                                 Carol Boudreau

“Then one Monday morning as mom was doing her washing by hand. (I was home from school to help on Mondays.)  All  of a sudden there was smoke coming out of the hay stack.  Our neighbour’s boy, who was five years old, had found some matches and set the hay on fire …”

                                                                                                            Jane Kroezen

“So here we are in the ‘70’s  I’m putting wall-paper up and it’s working out OK.  My darling husband comes home from work and decides to give me a hand.  He is perched on a step ladder with the wet wall paper sliding down on top of his head, the piece isn’t even centered. He tries to get it to line up at the top … 

Mary Bent

“I would come down from my bedroom to get a drink of water and find her sewing by the lamp light very late at night; never did I dream my Mom was making doll cloths for my dolly she bought me from the Eaton’s catalogue for $7.00.  Christmas morning when I opened the largest present  I had ever seen, there I found …”                                                        

Heather Eliott

“It was raining very hard and the water was soaking through my water proof tent. I woke everyone else and asked if they were wet. They were all soaked. We decided we could not stay there the rest of the night, so we packed everything up and tried to fit it all back into the car. It would not all fit …

 Isabel Dominey