Our Time To Reminisce

Cover photo of Maude Schnare, circ.1915 maternal grandmother of Carol Boudreau facilitator.

It is with great pleasure that we grandmothers offer to you our third book;  “Our Time To Reminisce”

Since October 2003 we grandmothers have been meeting almost weekly at the Career Resource Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

During this time, we have formed a strong bond of friendship.  Along with this friendship came equality and trust.  As well, openness emerged from within each grandmother, slowly giving birth to awareness and acceptability of ones own life.

Together we have come to the knowledge that growing older, or being a senior citizen doesn’t mean that we are “old and grey with nothing to say.”

On the contrary, we accept with gratitude that growing old can bring ‘ordinary wisdom’ to the seekers.  Indeed, over the weeks, months and even years, we have acquired a greater sense of purpose and self.

This discernment of ones own self comes from the ‘graced history’ that we have gathered throughout our many years of lived experiences.

Our small group of Grandmothers came together as strangers and soon realized that we had ‘Stories That Bind Us Together.’  Before too long, we were awakened to the similarities in ‘Our Pathway Of Life and now, we have come to the awareness that it is ‘Our Time To Reminisce.

We thank you for buying our books and by doing so, supporting our ‘Adult Learning’ through our local Kings County Learning / Literacy Association here in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada under the direction of Peter Gillis.

We hope that many more Grandparents will choose to write down their stories and pass them on to future generations and in so doing, acknowledge the gifts of fullness and grace given to all of us in an accepted life well lived.

On behalf of the Grandmothers,

            Thank you and God Bless You

            Carol Boudreau

Proceeds from all copies sold will go directly to Kings County Literacy Association, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Excerpts:Time To Reminisce