It is with great joy that we grandmothers offer to you our fourth book,

Bridging The “GAP”           

“Grandparents Against Poverty”

When we grandmothers tell our story, we speak of what we have lived in the hope that it will encourage others to do the same.

We speak out clearly and truthfully and with courage, even in the face of our own opposition.

For if we do not tell our stories, beautiful lives and wonderful experiences would go unspoken, unheard and unwritten.

We believe we are the fountain of our own life story and our experiences with fountains, is that they bring much joy to those who sit quietly and take in the peace and tranquility of the persistence of water uniting with water. And with the simplicity of the fountain and what it offers to those who are receptive … we too, in our simplicity want to share with you the joy, peace and tranquility that sustains each of us through out our life’s journey.

This is our fourth and last book and we named it, Bridging The GAP, Grandparents Against Poverty.

The purpose of this book is to reach out and help the grandmothers in Africa who are struggling to support their grandchildren in ways that most of us cannot comprehend.

Therefore, it is with joy and encouragement, from the sale of our small book of memories, that we can send $1000.00 dollars to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to help our sisters in Africa. We realize it is not very much, but it is our small way of helping to bridge the gap between our abundance and their poverty, these loving grandmothers who struggle daily to support their grandchildren under terribly difficult circumstances.

The Grandparents International Storytellers humbly thank you for your support by purchasing our book. We will be forever grateful.

On behalf of the grandmothers, I want to give a special thank you to Troy and Cathy of Ink Spot Printing and Embroidery for all their help.

To the Knights of Columbus Kentville NS, for partially funding the printing of this book.

To Sobeys New Minas, for giving us the space to come together and for giving us the gift of Tara, always smiling and there for us.

To our dear friend Peter of V.C.L.A. who stands beside us.

To my husband Bud who does so much for us, we love you.

To Jim and Jan Moir, who offered us the beautiful picture of their grandson Wyatt, walking the bridge that his grandfather Jim built in

 Voglers Cove, as our cover picture.

Also to the wonderful grandparents who shared their stories from the Yukon, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and many parts of

Nova Scotia. With deep gratitude, we thank you.

Thank you all for helping us, to help others in our community here in the Valley, as well as our Global community.

 Thank you,

I remain yours truly,

Carol Anne Boudreau,

 The Grandparents International Storytellers

New Minas, Nova Scotia

 Quotes from Book 4