Bridging the G.A.P.


Grandparents Against Poverty


“So one weekend while I was here visiting my daughter, she said as a matter- of- fact, “Oh by the way Mom, I have a date for you!”


Phyllis MacMullin



“When we graded into grade five we were allowed to have a fountain pen and a bottle of ink. The pen had a rubber container inside which could be filled with ink from the bottle.”


Kay Sharp



Now Joel is 32 years old. We love him dearly. He can be a clown, witty and at times he can be moody, but he has been a source of joy. Right now he is limited by his disability, but one day he will be made perfect…



Jo Hogleboom



I use to skip school a lot because my older sister could write like Mom, so when she would write a note to get herself out of school, she would get me out too, so I would not tell on her.



Ida Kane



The smell was very tempting. When they were about half cool, I checked to see if her back was to the window, she was, so I poked my finger in the pie and a piece of the apple stuck …



Marjorie Brewster