Stories That Bind Us Together

The cover of this book was designed and drawn by one of our grandmothers, Mary Bent (Depicts: Cape Blomidon Kings County , Nova Scotia Canada)

Our first book is the result of a wonderful group of senior women, all grandmothers … who recognize the importance and value of leaving behind a legacy to their grandchildren and consequently their families. 

This little book holds a portion of rich memories of eleven beautiful ladies who are willing to reach out and share with one another and with all of you, their ‘graced history’.

I feel privileged, to be a small part of their lives for over a year and feel very proud to call them my friends.

 I would like to extend a very warm thank you to Peter Gillis, Executive Director of KCLA Kentville, NS, who believes in our little group.

To the Senior Secretariat of Halifax NS, who supports me in this eight-week project.

A special hug to Sandra and Barbara of the CRC Kentville NS, who gives us the space to come to-gather weekly, to share, listen and support one another in our story circle.

To Bob Lancashire Executive Director of EKCC, and to our Publisher, Troy Jodrie of Ink Spot Printing, who in trust said yes, took our stories and published a book for us.

A very special hug goes to … Anna, Ida, Mary B, Johanna, Kathleen, Mary K, Jane, Leny, Jean, Tina and Mary M, for your wonderful qualities of openness, goodness and gentleness

In addition, a special hug goes to my husband Bud who is so willing to help me in all I do.  Because of all of you, this book becomes a reality.

With deep gratitude,

Carol Anne Myra Boudreau

Proceeds from all copies sold will go directly to Kings County Literacy Association, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Excerpts from Stories That Bind Us Together