My Girdle (belt)

I made this girdle (mundanely known as a belt) early in January 2000. It's difficult to tell from this far away, but the mounts are bronze fleurs-de-lis (the top and bottom lengths are upside down), which match the buckle, strap end, and purse mount, all of which were purchased from Mark Gaulker, whose metalwork is just gorgeous. I tablet-wove the belt itself from about 36 lengths of black embroidery floss, which took about 24 hours.

The badge that is semi-permanently attached to the purse mount is my herald's badge, a gift from Lord Andree, who taught me about heraldry. While it is difficult to see, just above the strap end is a small mirror, a precious token given to me by Maestra Francesca della l'Aura di Firenze -- attaching it to the belt I wear with all my garb was the best way to make sure I'd always have it with me when she asked where it was.

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Last updated: July 30, 2000
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