Club News DARC 

A Summary of the Annual General Meeting

February 3, 2018

The meeting was called to order by the President Bob VE1BFX at 10:00AM.
There were 11 persons in attendance.
The minutes of the last meeting January 17, 2017 were read..
After an error in wording was corrected, the Minutes were adopted as read.

There was a brief discusssion held on the old minutes.

New Business

Agenda Items: Antennas, Shack Clean Up,Fund Raising, Repeater Site
Flea Market and the New EMO Head.

Treasurer's Report
John VE1WZ said that there was $875.55 in our bank account
after paying the insurance for this year which was $503.00.

There are 18 paid members for 2018.

Old Business

Roof Antennas
Leo VE1LS asked if the 2 antennas were both operational, as the wire
antenna which is a folded dipole was showing high SWR last week and
a discussion followed regarding which was the best wire antenna for our needs.
The vertical antennas is the best working antenna but another wire antenna
will be tried when the weather improves in the spring.

Shack Cleanup
It was proposed that we do a General Cleanup, sell off or junk some of the old
antennas and equipment that we have accumulated over the years.

Fund Raising
Ed VE1GD thought that maybe we should use the radio bank which was used in the past
for donations and proceeds from the sale of old equipment to help our bank account.

Repeater Site on Dustan Street.
Bob VE1BFX gave an outline of the equipment that was there and mentioned that the site
was well maintained by one of the neighbors and its appearance parklike. Discussion on
having an HF antenna there followed and will be considered at a later date.

Flea Market
Marc VE1BEL who was the Chairman of last years Halifax/Dartmouth Flea Market, said that
a new site had to be found to hold this year`s Flea Market. He said that last years Flea Market
brought $300.00 plus dollars for our share which was a good source of funds for the Club.

Meeting Adjourned.

Election of Officers for 2018 was opened at 10:53AM.
. The following were elected by acclamation.
President: Bob VE1BFX
Vice President: Joe VE1BSA
Treasurer: John VE1WZ
Secretary: Marc VE1BEL

The AGM Adjourned at 10:58AM

The next Monthly meeting will be held
March 10, 2018 at 10:00AM

Please try to attend.