Homebrew Key by VE1KRJ "Keith"

"Keith's Key"

Keith VE1KRJ after looking at some home brew fotos on this page came up
with this very inventive way to make a morse key he could hold in his hand
and send code. Using the conventional method of sending was very painful because
of carpal tunnel syndrome condition he has.
In a short time using some colorful ty-wraps, screws , wire and part of a hockey stick
he had a morse key which he could hold in his hand and send morse code. Keith says
that he finds it very comfortable and much better than the straight key he was using.

Keith's Key mounted to the right of the microphone.

Keith's Key in operation.

Congratulations Keith on your home brew project.
Photos by Keith VE1KRJ with a Nikon Coolpix 3100 Digital Camera
March 27, 2004!

Homebrew Paddle by VE1BN "Don"(Now SK)
Don has did a fantastic job of handcrafting this paddle.

"SlingShot" Linear Amp 300 Watts
Homebrewed by Dave VE1ADH



This is a solid state linear amplifier built by Dave VE1ADH.
He has done a fabulous job and this great looking
Amp would be a nice addition to anyone's shack.
Congratulations Dave !.
Here is a "Two Penny" Paddle homebrewed by Dave.