Contact: John Scott
VE1JS, Sandy Cove, NS
Telephone: 902-834-2681
E-Mail: scotts@sandycove-ns.ca


DXCC Card Checking..

Contact me by email:
By phone:
I will send you the necessary information right away.


There have been some changes in the rules for my checking DXCC applications
1. I can now check any card right back to 1945 except for DELETED
entities and 160m cards.

2. I can now check Worked All States (WAS) and VHF/UHF Century Club
(VUCC) cards.
If anyone wants these services they MUST contact me ahead of time.

As always, I will be at as many flea markets as I can reasonably get to
and am happy to have applicants come to my home in Sandy Cove on
beautiful Digby Neck to have their cards checked. Prior arrangements
must be made.

John VE1JS


1. A copy of the latest ARRL DXCC application form properly completed

2. A printed (not hand written) list of your cards in the order specified on the application form including
the entity name.

3. A number 10 envelope, addressed to ARRL bearing enough Canadian postage to take all of the

4. A way of paying the fees. Place a credit card number on the application form to cover the fees, or,
(not recommended) bring a money order (in US funds), payable to ARRL, in the exact
amount of the fees.

5. Your cards; if it's a new application, at least 110 to be safe. Cards over 10 years old and 160 m
cards must go to Newington. I can NOT check them for you.

If you have enough for 5 Band DXCC, please contact me to make arrangements to have them

Please contact me at scotts@sandycove-ns.ca or by phone at 902-834-2681 for questions.