The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club

The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Club has the following
radio equipment FOR SALE:
1. Kenwood VHF TR 7930-$30.00
2. Yaesu FTDX 100 HF Transceiver -$40.00
3. Yaesu FC 901 Antenna Tuner-$40.00
4. Icom IC-2400 VHF/UHF-$45.00
5. AEA CP-1 Computer Patch- A CW and RTTY
modulator/demodulator computer interface.-$10.00
6. Hal DXP 38, HF Radio DSP Modem.
Modes are RTTY/ASCII, AMTOR, PACTOR, and Clover. -$85.00
7. Yaesu FRT 7700 Antenna Tuner -$20.00
8. Dentron Power Meter WV-1-$20.00

All items are sold "AS IS" and may be viewed at the Dartmouth Amateur
Radio Club. If you are interested in any item, email Leo VE1LS at: or
I am open to offers.
    Leo VE1LS..