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Byron's Family



The Berwick Register was the paper which reported many events related to our family


The following are a sampling of reports of our family which appeared in the Berwick Register:


­     July 26,1902 - Mrs. Robert Pike and two children who have been visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson, returned to their home in New York on Tuesday. Mrs. Pike, the former Miss Ella Johnson, who has not visited Nova Scotia for fifteen years.


­     June 9th 1897 - Mr. and Mrs. William Johnstone left here for New York, on Wednesday, where they intend spending the summer with their daughter.


­     June 1, 1898 – Mr. J W Johnstone is making additions to his residence.


­     Dec 21, 1898 – DR E F Johnstone, LL M is visiting the home of his father, Wm O Johnstone.


­     Nov 15, 1899 – Mrs. J W Johnstone spent part of last week with her friend Miss Woodworth of Berwick, N.S.


­     April 5, 1900 – On Friday, the people of Waterville took part in a flag raising. The flagpole, situated near the railway station, is 50 feet in height, the flag is 15 feet long by 8 feet wide. The work of the preparing the pole was done by Mr. J W Johnstone.


­     April 30,1903 - Mrs. JW Johnstone is much improved in health since a severe attack of grippe.


­     September 10,1903 - Mrs. J.W. Johnstone and Miss Stevens spent last week in Somerset, the guests of Mrs. Ashe.


­     Sep 17, 1903  - Mrs Newcombe of Rhode Island and her brother Oscar Best of Burlington were guests of aunt Mrs. J W Johnston.


­     Feb 4, 1904 - Louisa Best of Burlington was the guest of her aunt, Mrs J.W. Johnston


­     Dec 8,1904 - E. F. Johnston, D.D.S. of Rutland, Vermont, is in Waterville after an absence of six years. The doctor is the guest of his mother, Mrs. J.W. Johnstone, and his brother Byron.


­     Jun 25, 1908 - Mrs. William Johnston returned from a pleasant visit with her niece Mrs. Charles Ashe of Somerset.


­     Aug 5, 1909 - Mrs. William Johnstone has been visiting Mrs. Charles Ashe of Somerset for several weeks.


­     Apr 28,1910 - At Waterville on Wednesday, April 27th, Mary, widow of J.W.O. Johnston and daughter of Mr. John Best, died  age 80.


­     Nov 2, 1898 – The contract for enlarging the manse has been taken by BS Johnstone.


­     Feb 22,1899 - We are anticipating quite a boom in building operations in Waterville during the spring and summer. Charles Charlton leads with a two- story residence, Mr. B S Johnston is the architect and builder.


­     May 10,1899 – B S Johnstone, our enterprising carpenter has put a fine horse power steam engine in his shop. Mr Johnstone considered himself obliged to do this in order to meet the rapid increase in his business.


­     Oct 18, 1899 – Vernie Floyd who has been in the employ of B S Johnstone for the past three years has gone to Sydney, Cape Breton. The heartfelt sympathy of the community is extended to Mr. & Mrs. B S Johnstone on account of the death of their infant son.


­     Sept 18,1899 – While J W Johnstone was engaged in splitting sash stuff with a circular saw, in C O Nichols’ factory on Monday, his hand came in contact with the saw, severing the second finger of his right hand at the second joint.


­     August 7,1902 - Of the students form this school who attended the Provincial Examinations, Miss Nellie Day and Miss Theresa Wolfs were successful in obtaining “C” certificates and Miss Annie Johnson and Miss Carrie Burke “D” certificates.


­     April 30,1903 - Miss Annie Johnstone is quite seriously ill and under medical care.


­     Apr 25, 1904 -  Leslie Johnston, who has been spending his vacation in Waterville, returned to Malden, Mass on Saturday. He was accompanied by Warren & Boyd Gates, the little grandsons of Mr. J. Beardsley.


­     Aug 25, 1904 - Leslie Johnston returned to Malden, Mass.


­     Mar 23,1905 – B S Johnstone received a letter recently from his brother Wallace S in Seatlle informing him that he would leave there on the 16th of this month for Alaska.


­     Sep 6, 1906 - Byron S. Johnstone returned from Boston on Saturday.


­     Feb 28,1907 - Byron is on the sick list. Mr. Byron Johnstone is suffering from a shock of paralysis.


­     Apr 18,1907 - Naomi Johnson returned from Hantsport last Saturday and will remain at home for the summer.


­     June 20,1907 - Misses Naomi and Nettie Johnstone spent last Sunday with their cousin Mrs. Charles Ashe of Berwick.


­     July 4, 1907 - Willie Johnstone passed Grade VIII, Ruth Johnstone passed Grade VI


­     July 11, 1907 - Miss Annie Johnstone returned form Mill Brook on Tuesday last.


­     July 11, 1907 - Mr. Vernon Floyd who arrived here last week from Oregon to visit his sister Mrs. B.S. Johnstone, received a dispatch on Monday morning telling him of the serious illness of his mother and he at once took a train to be with her.


­     Aug 8,1907 - Mr. & Mrs. B.S. Johnstone spent last Saturday in Hantsport guests of Mr. & Mrs., Ernest Miller.


­     Aug 15, 1907 - Miss Naomi Johnston spent a few days at Campground with Adelia McBride and Lisa Woodruff.


­     Aug 22, 1907 - Miss Annie Johnstone returned to her teaching position at Mill Brook, Hants County.


­     Oct 10,1907 - Miss Nettie Johnstone has returned from a very pleasant visit with her friend, Mrs. Charles Ashe of Somerset.


­     Mar 19, 1908 - Mr. Byron S. Johnstone, an enterprising citizen of this place, and Harris Wile of Windsor have leased the building of the late Thompson Manufacturing Company opposite the Baptist Church. They have remodeled the interior into a first class box factory. It is fitted with a slicer, surface planer, turning lathe, band saw, mortising machine and all the different machinery necessary for the manufacturing of sashes and doors, window frames, plum baskets, etc. A machine for cracking grain is also in operation on Fridays and Saturdays. That this establishment was much needed is shown by the large patronage already accorded Messrs. Johnstone and Wile.


­     Mar 26,1908  - Born at Waterville on Friday, March 20, to Mr. And Mrs. Byron S. Johnstone, a son. Miss Annie Johnstone, who is teaching school at Mill Brook, Hants County, arrived home on Monday morning. She was called home on account of the sudden illness of her father, Mr. Byron S. Johnston. He passed away before she reached home.


­     Jun 25, 1908 - Miss Annie Johnstone, who has been teaching school at Mill Brook, Hants County, returned to her home last week. The school closed die to a development of diphtheria in the adjoining section.


­     Aug 5, 1909 - Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Johnstone of Malden, Mass are spending two weeks with his mother, Mrs. Byron Johnstone. Waterville, Born to Mr. & Mrs. Harris Wile, a son


­     Sept 30,1909 - Mr. Harris Wile of the Box & Woodworking Factory, Mrs. Wile and son are spending some days in Hants County.


­     Nov 11,1909 - Miss Naomi Johnstone and her brother, Robert left on Saturday for St. John where they propose to remain for some time.


­     Apr 28,1910 - At Waterville on Wednesday, April 27th, Mary, widow of J.W.O. Johnston and daughter of Mr. John Best, died  age 80.


­     May 30, 1931 - Sorry to report that Mrs. Albert Wheaton is very ill at home. (former Mrs. B S Johnstone). Mr. Milton Johnstone, of Yarmouth, Mrs. Harris Wile and Mrs. Ruth Corbett of Truro are with their mother who is seriously ill at home. Mr. Willie Johnstone of Halifax visited his mother on Friday.


­     May 27, 1931 - Mr. Leslie Johnstone of Hyannis, Mass arrived on Friday last called by the serious illness of his mother who has since passed away.