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Leslie Seymour


Annetta Eliza Floyd was born on December 14, 1865 and she died on May 24, 1931, she was 65. On December 20, 1882 when Annette Eliza was 17, she married Byron Seymore Johnstone. They were married by Rev J D Bill at his residence. The witnesses were Augusta Floyd and David Floyd.

Annetta was the daughter of David Floyd & Isabella McGeogh.


David Robert Floyd was the son of John S Floyd and Freelove McCumber. The burial certificate of David Floyd is shown below. They lived in Saint Martin’s, New Brunswick. They had the following children: William Henry, Grace, John S, James H., David W.,  Wallace, Robert W, Freelove,  Augusta, Annette Eliza, Isabella, Edward Vernon, and Henrietta. John S Floyd was the son of Simon Floyd and Anne Corney. John moved to Saint Martin’s where he met his future wife. Simon and Anne lived in Shoreham (presently Chester, N.S.). Simon was the son of Simon Floyd and unknown mother. Simon and his three sons immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1749. They indicated that they were from Wales.


Freelove McCumber was the daughter of William McCumber and Deborah Carr Potter. William and Deborah came to Nova Scotia from Massachusetts and they settled in Newport, Nova Scotia.


Isabella McGeogh’s heritage is unknown. She listed her heritage as Scottish on census forms.




Is this Annetta Floyd Johnstone??                   Burial Certificate