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LAST UPDATED: 07/27/01 07:13:16 AM              

Welcome to the new and improved Unofficial Jason Lee Fan Page!   Here you can find everything you need to know about actor/ex-pro skater, Jason Lee!  So have a look around, take your time and enjoy!


Wow, sorry to everybody who've been visiting the site! I Haven't had time to update the site in quite a while, but I do have the time now...so if you fans out there would like me to get the site back up and going, please let me know. E-mail me at ahortz13@home.com or leave a message in the guestbook. Thanks alot!


Check out this review for the new Cameron Crowe Flick over at Aint-it-Cool-News.


UPDATE - MAY 24TH, 2000

Hey everyone, I apologize for not updating the page in so long!  I have been extremely busy, and it's been hard to find time to update the page.  So if you would like to help out with the updates let me know, you can get me at horton@accesswave.ca .   Got some new pics from Stillwater and some other info for ya!

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Both Mumford and Dogma made their debuts on video and DVD a few weeks back, make sure to check em out!

Jason's next project has been announced, he'll play a bartender as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt's love interest.

More to come, I swear!!


This month's issue of Jane magazine ran a great article/interview with Jason.  In it he talks about Stillwater, Dogma, his wife Carmen and more.  Check it out below:

Jason Lee is way more than just a pretty face, but if you only want to gawk, Suzan Colon is fine with that. 

You'd be amazed at how many Jane staffers have crushes on Jason Lee. Then again, maybe you wouldn't. There were his charmingly smarmy turns in the cult hits Chasing Amy and Mallrats, his endearingly naive Bill Gates-like character in Mumford, and his ability to make even the evil Azrael seem sympathetic in Dogma. I mention his impressive resume first because we here at Jane are constantly striving to overcome the shallowness of liking actors only for their looks. Striving, and
failing miserably. 

Oh, well, nobody's perfect - though Jason, a 29 year old former skateboard champ, has a head start. When he called from his mom's house in Mississippi, where he was
visiting, he called right on time. (Good home-raising and no prima donna attitude
scores nearly as many points with us as cuteness.) Because acting is still new to Jason, he likes to talk about the mechanics of it, about how he prefers doing stuff with writers/directors because of their "vision" - the kind of things actors talk about when they're getting all actorly. It usually sounds pretentious, but really, when he said it, it didn't come across that way. Now I know
why all the girls at the office are in such a lather. 

I have the usual bunch of all encompassing questions, but first I have to shamefully admit that I never knew you were a pro skateboarder. Yeah, I haven't done it professionally for about three years, but I still skate for fun. Every once in a while I like to do it to see how rusty I am. 

So it was you, not some body double, skating the ramps in Mumford. 

Yeah. It was cool because the character wasn't a skater - he probably skated to school, you know, and he just likes it a lot and thats how he gets around town. 

After the you did Dogma, your third Kevin Smith directed experience, but your first wearing horns. 

Fortunately, I didn't feel them, except when I was taking off my fedora. I was going to play Loki, on of the leads, but I had a scheduling conflict, so Kevin gave it to Matt Damon and said I should play Azrael. The role is smaller, but if I played Loki, I would've been the wise-ass sidekick I was in Chasing Amy and in Mallrats. So to change it, I realized that this guy wasn't born evil. Imagine spending millions of years in hell. You'll do anything to get out, regardless of the consequences. 

Whats the word most often used to describe you? 

Um. . . Hmm, thats a good question . . . . [Pause to the point that I wonder if he's put the phone down and walked away] Something that I've heard from other people? 

Yes! [Relieved that he's still there] Thats what I meant. 

Hmm. . . Oh, I know. Fortunately it's been people sort of noticing me just being a regular person. It sets a good example because a lot of people think of actors as being spoiled and on drugs and just whacked out of their heads. Um well, that's because some of them are. Sure, absolutely so. A lot of how I am has to do with where I came from with skateboarding and stuff. I dealt with fame and making money, making mistakes and all the insecurity. I went from taking my friends out to dinner and buying new cars and going broke. All that stuff sort of prepares you for when you want to go into something else. 

True. Okay, give me the pitch on your next movie, Stillwater, directed by Cameron Crowe. 

Oooh. I can give you a little bit: early 70's rock n roll band on tour followed by a young journalist trying to write a peice on them - onstage, backstage and the life that comes with that. I play the lead singer of the band [it also stars Billy Crudup and Jimmy Fallon]. 

You came prepared, because you've got a band already. 

Yep. I know how to play guitar, and I watched a lot of documentaries. Plus I got insight from Peter Frampton, one of our consultants. 

You looked so different for that part, with the long hair and beard. What did your wife, Carmen, think? 

Uh, I think she got sick of the beard after a while. 

How long have you two been married? 

Four years, before I became an actor. She always gets suprised looks from people when she tells them that, because, you know, when male actors get famous they leave thier wives for someone who marries the actor because he is well known. But we met at a trade show when I was skateboarding. I used to have a signature show for Airwalk, and Carmen was working with a clothing company. I saw her pointing at these really cool red Airwalks, and being the not-knowing-what-to-do guy. I went up
to her and said, "I can get you a pair of those." [Laughs hysterically] That was my big line. I asked for her number and she gave me a fake one. But then we started hanging out more and she gave me her real number. 

Oh dear. The potential of the Jane staff's crushes seems seriously stunted based on that last paragraph. And how tragic, because Jason certainly proved himself to be worthy of our (admittedly shallow) affections. 


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, hasn't been too much Jason Lee news floating around.  Lots of new info on upcoming Jason Lee releases on video and DVD though.

Criterion will be releasing the Chasing Amy DVD some time in April.  It will basically be a copy of the Laser Disc they put out a few years back...right on!

Mumford is also scheduled to be released on video and DVD sometime in April.  Most people missed this flick in the theatre, so make sure you check it out...Jason is great!

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Finally today, a couple more images I found on the web.  The first a recent picture of Jason at some function.  The second an old skateboard logo Jason had on t-shirts, stickers & stuff.


Wow, its been exactly a month since I updated the page last!  Got some new pics from Jason's new flick and an article about Jason that appeared in Backstage West a few weeks back.  Got some DVD release news as well.

stillwater1sm.jpg (4297 bytes)  stillwater3.jpg (31278 bytes)  stillwater2sm.jpg (3642 bytes)

The images above are from an album cover used in the new Cameron Crowe flick.  The middle pic being a band shot (Lee's 2nd from left) which appears on the inside.  Click on the middle pic for a larger image.

Check out the article on Jason from Backstage West, click here to read it.

Dogma is scheduled for release on video and DVD April 11th.  Now the DVD may be delayed if Kevin & crew decide to load it up like they did Mallrats (I hope!). 

A Better Place will finally be released on DVD April 25th!  Jason did this movie not long after Mallrats, but the flick was never widely released.  Vincent Perriera (writer/director & view askew historian) has put together an amazing disc, can't wait to get my hands on this one.


Caught Jason on Craig Kilborn Thursday night, he was very relaxed for his first talk show appearance.  They showed a clip of him skating and talked some about Dogma.  Jason also revealed that he dropped out of high school to become a professional skateboarder...something I did not know.

The pics page has finally been updated!  Tons of new pics on the main page, and new Kissing a Fool pics.  Dogma pics coming soon!


Jason will be appearing on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Thursday, November 18th...check your local listings (its on after Letterman).



The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived!  I'll be catching the flick tonight at 10pm, everybody must go see Dogma this weekend!!  I don't think it's gonna beat Pokemon (unfortunately), but Dogma can still have a huge opening weekend...lets make it happen.

Wow, I haven't updated the page in awhile...sorry to everyone who's been checking for updates.  I will be adding various new shots to the pics sections so make sure ya check back soon.

Stillwater 2.JPG (76970 bytes) Here is a shot of the backstage passes being used for a concert scene in Jason's new flick, the still untitled Cameron Crowe flick.  Lee is second from the left, sporting the long hair and beard.  Thanks to the anonymous tipster on the set that sent in the scan...keep up the good work!

(click on the image to the left to view a larger version.



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The Official Dogma Web Site is now online!  This site is loaded with info and pics from the flick...and best of all the official trailer!   Head on over there and check it out.  Here's a couple a pics of Jason as Azreal (click on the pic for a larger one):

leegolfsm.jpg (31517 bytes)          leehornssm.jpg (27422 bytes)


Entertainment Tonight ran parts of the new Dogma trailer on Monday night!  The boys over at Newsaskew made a copy of it, so now you can see it for yourself! Jason makes a brief appearance (dont blink), wearing a white suit and hat.

qt.gif (3093 bytes)

It has also been revealed that the full trailer will hit theatres this weekend attached to the new flick Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon.  Looks pretty cool, might have to check it out.

mumford2.jpg (75125 bytes)Here's a new pic of Jason from his other new flick Mumford.

It hit's theatre's Sept. 24th, so go check it out!


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If you have any news, info or comments e-mail me at: ujlfp@accesswave.ca

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