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I've been photographing railroads for many years, both in Britain and in Canada (with a few other countries), the following galleries are a sample of this collection. While I'm not a very experienced photographer, some of my photographs have turned out quite nicely. If you have any comments or queries please email me.

The equipment I've used has been varied and ranges in quality from a disposible Fuji camera to a Minolta SLR with a 35-70mm telephoto lens. in recent years I've been playing with black and white, I find it a wonderful mendium to work with but quite difficult to get the effect I want. Currently i'm interesting in photographing railroads in inclement weather and as I'm writing this (Feb 2001) Halifax NS is covered in quite a few feet of snow, so I hope to get out and get some interesting shots soon.

I hope you enjoy the following shots as much I have

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