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Halifax Railfanning Locations Coming Soon!

This page describes some of the good Railfanning locations around Halifax.

The following information is available:

Subdivision Information

Dartmouth Subdivision
Mile Stations
18.5 End of Track
18.0 Ultramar Spur
12.5 Dartmouth
10.1 Wrights Cove
_ Wrights Cove Spur
8.39 Burnside Industrial Spur A
8.52 Burnside Industrial Spur B
8.72 Burnside Industrial Spur C
0.2 Junction with Bedford Subdivision

Bedford Subdivision
Mile Stations
5.0 Fairview Junction
- Deepwater Branch
6.0 Rockingham
7.0 Halifax Transfer Track
10.6 Bedford
12.7 Bedford Quarry
15.6 Junction with Dartmouth Sub
15.7 Junction with Windsor and Hantsport
15.8 Windsor Junction
20.0 Kinsac
27.0 Sandy Cove
36.6 Connection with National Gypsum
38.4 Milford
51.2 Alton
56.0 Canada Cement Spur
61.5 Hyde
63.7 -
64.0 Truro

Note: More complete information can be found in the Canadian Trackside Guide published by Bytown Railway Society.

Location Map of the Halifax Area

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