Crewe. Crewe was like Mecca to trainspotters, especially for me, it was a chance to see trains and locomotives that would never venture to South Wales. London and Scotland bound expresses hauled by wierdly quiet (for me anyway) electric locomotives, coal trains hauled by pairs of old fashioned looking class 20s and the possibility of seeing the rare and unusual beasts that occasionally showed themselves from Crewe Works. I remember my first trip to Crewe, getting up at 5am, walking the 2 miles to my local station in the drizzle and getting the first train available and spending a wonderful day spotting, meeting my ilk from all over the country gathered at this overwhelming nexus.

Crewe works open day, 58 008 one of the new class frieght locomotives A class 87 with a through express working from London
An 86 with a through express overtakes a coal train as it passes through Crewe A large-logo class 47 arrives with a cross country passenger train
20 106 leads its brother through Crewe with an MGR train 47 533 with the large logo at Crewe with a cross country train
A pair of centre headcode class 20's approach Crewe with an MGR train An inter-city liveried class 86 at Crewe
A non-stop express with an 86 on point passes through the centre roads at Crewe An express parcels converted DMU in a throwback livery
An 86 leads an express out of Crewe Crewe Deisel depot.. strictly off limits
Crossing the freight avoiding lines on the approach to the station at Crewe A new (then) sprinter unit
A new (then) sprinter unit A class 87 leads about to depart Crewe with a London-bound express