Class 47

The most numerous mainline class on British Rail. Class 47s could be found all over the system working freight and passenger trains.

A 47 arriving at platform 3 A 47 passing through the centre roads at Cardiff Central
A 47 on a bulk oil train passing platform 4 Unknown class 47 at Cardiff Central with a bulk oil train
47 arriving at platform 2 47 at platform 2 at Cardiff Central
47 arriving at Platform 1 at Cardiff Central A Class 47 at one of the depots visitied during the "Skirl 'O the Pipes II" railtour
A large-logo class 47 arrives with a cross country passenger train 47 533 with the large logo at Crewe with a cross country train
An unidentified class 47 leaves Newport with an eastbound parcels train A class 47 arrives at Newport with a passenger train
A Cardiff-bound class 47 passes through Newport with a container train A class 37 tows dead class 47 through platform 4 at Cardiff Central
A Named class 47 arrives at Cardiff Central with an eastbound passenger train An unknown class 47 arrives at platform 3
A class 47 at Cardiff Central