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StdPoodleBase comes complete with a database of  7,091 records!
Runs under Microsoft Windows or on a Mac using Virtual PC  (more info) and now:

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Complete On-Line Help File

Over 30 fields available to each dog to customize records - color, dentition, sex, AKC & CKC registration numbers, OFA, vWD, thyroid, CERF, call name, date of birth, date of death, multiple championships, multiple obedience titles and multiple working titles as well as user defined variable fields and of course, a comment section.
Print presentation quality 4 or 5 generation pedigree - in black or champions in color.    
Print 6 generation pedigrees... and.... prepare regular and proposed pedigrees                                         for e-mail attachments!

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Create Pedigrees for your Web Page - a simple click of a button and HTML code is generated for you to upload to your site!  click here for example

complete OFA listings from 1970 to current !
complete section for personal breeding records - including individual puppy information - new owner, address, phone number, interests, show/pet quality, purchase price and date, fenced yard, etc.
fill in holes in pedigrees from the on-screen 3 generation pedigree - on the fly!
keep track of breeding records and Show Records, complete with printable reports.
proposed pedigrees - without cluttering up your database with "what if? litters". Saves your last ten proposed pedigrees for easy recall.
browse up to 9 generations on the screen at a time
calculate bitch's due dates

StdPoodleBase  is priced at $175 and is shipped on CD-ROM. Registered users are contacted annually about program/database updates and are actively encouraged to suggest new program features.

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