Fletcher's Lake is located in the "Lake District"
of Halifax Regional Municipality, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
This district consists of Waverley, Windsor Junction,
Fall River, Fletcher's Lake, Wellington,
and Grand Lake which neighbours Oakfield.
These communities run along the historic
Shubenacadie Canal and are skirted by
several lakes.
Fletcher's Lake is a 12 minute drive from the
Halifax International Airport, 30 minutes to either
downtown Halifax or Dartmouth and 12-15 minutes
to neighbouring shopping districts of Bedford,
Lower Sackville, or Cole Harbour.
We are just far enough inland, to allow us the enjoyment
of more sunshine (and less fog) than our
city neighbours in Halifax & Dartmouth.
As well, in the winter, we may enjoy snow while
our coastal cities are having rain.

 Halifax Regional Police Service
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Leslie Residence, Fletcher's Lake, NS Canada
Last updated:  February 16, 1998