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February 2000

The Avengers have finaly assembled here in Canada. Here are some terrible pictures taken by me. Series 1#, shown here, showed up at Toys R Us Friday, but there was no sign of series 2#.

January 2000
Jan 15-20th 2000
Receive an Official Mew from Toys 'r' Us

Toys 'r' Us is giving away the elusive mew for your gameboy. They give you a card and if your card says 'caught me' than you caught mew. Then on Jan 15th-20th the staff will trade mew over to your gameboy.

Avengers Toys

Avengers should be poping up in stores soon. Or so people are telling me. They have been released all over the US and should be arriving in weeks if not already showing up. I'll check my sources and get back to you.

Iron Giant

Just want everyone to know that the Iron Giant is one of the best animated film of the decade. If you haven't seen it, do it. The toys by trendmasters were not snapped up by consumers. There should be lots of great deals on Iron Giant toys.

July 1999
July 31, 1999
Pokemon Day at Toys R US

Another shipment of the action figures below, as well as the 4 of the Pokemon Plush 'Beanie Baby' style toys, which include:

  • Snorlax
  • Pikachu
  • PolyWrath
  • Meowth

Source: Anonymous, Halifax, Nova Scotia

July 22, 1999

A large shipment of Pokemon toys arrived at Toys R Us on Friday and many of the 2-Pak are there, but not all of them. The only ones I could not find were Kakuna & Beedrill and Pikachu and Riachu. I think that this may be one of the first time these 2 Paks have been around Canadian retailers. They have been also seen at Zellers.

Also the giant Mini Me Doll from McFarlane Toys was present there as well.

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